Some time ago the Virtuix Omni Virtual Reality Treadmill was launched on Kickstarter, and then sold via the company’s website, providing an extra accessory for virtual reality and expanding the experience.

Sadly, the pre-orders that were made for this treadmill have been cancelled this week for anyone who pre-order outside of the US.

They say the reason for this is because the shipping processing for it “has proven naive and unfeasible” due to it being an 80kg 1m square box to non-US users.

They have said that they will be issuing full refunds to anyone who pre-ordered the treadmill outside of the United States, along with an 3% per year compounded monthly. They have said that they are hoping to ship to international customers at some point in the future.

This all comes after the Omni VR treadmill originally launched on Kickstart back in 2013, where it raised over $1.1 million on the platform.

If you are a backer, you can read more via the project’s update at the source link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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