For some time now there have been gigabit Wi-Fi hotspots in the US, particularly in New York City.

These hotspots are run by a company named Intersection, who have been running the high power and accessible hotspots via a network of kiosks in the city. Today they brought these kiosks across the pond, launching a set of new kiosks in London as part of a partnership with the telecom provider BT.

This new UK network has been called InLinkUK, which will put a number of ‘InLinks’ kiosks in London to start with but they do plan to expand this across the UK over time.

To get to that point, the pair is working with the outdoor advertising company Primesight to replace over 1,000 telephone boxes in a selection of major UK cities with these new InLink kiosks from today.

The first of these will replace the iconic red London phone boxes, however, they have said that the majority of these boxes will remain to preserve the look of the streetscape.

For that you get a new system that not only provides you with free gigabit Wi-Fi but also a touchscreen tablet for showing maps, the ability to make phone calls and even USB charging points.

There will also be displays on either side of the kiosks that will be used for advertising, displaying weather information and status updates about public transport such as London Underground.

InLinkUK promises to be better than the currently existing free Wi-Fi services by providing much faster speeds and fewer restrictions on browsing.

You can find out more about InLinkUK and the currently available hotspots at the source link below.

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