Yesterday we were kindly invited to the Games Britannia Replayed gaming expo where we played a lot of games, one of the games we were really excited to see was of course Inversion, which brings a very cool and new look at the way you should play a Third Person Shooter by adding gravity.

The way this works is by adding guns to your arsenal that will allow you to shoot fields of gravity lifting nearby enemies or anything else in the air, you will also notice enemies casually walking and standing on the ceiling, and then eventually you can control your character to float from one piece of cover to another in three separate dimensions.

Early on in the game you will find the gun which will allow you to reduce or increase gravity acting on various objects like rocks, cars and even litter, all of which you can manipulate to attack your opponents. Alongside making objects float you will also be able to shoot gravity fields (I just named them that not sure exactly what there called) at your opponents which will cause them to float in the air allowing you to get them out of cover and shoot.

But it’s not all attack as you can also use this gravity gear to produce makeshift cover out of debris you have sent crashing into the group, or if you still prefer to attack you can send it crashing into the ground at them.

There are a few problems with the game I could see right off, the first is that the gravity powers actually seem to become a disadvantage rather than an advantage during gameplay, as a lot of the time it can be extremely hard just to aim a flying bit of debris whilst in battle, and is something I felt could be made a lot simpler and less fiddly with the addition of a slight auto-aim.

As such I found myself forgetting to even use the gravity powers, which was the point I noticed how much this game was like Gears Of War, with the same sort of cover and shooting mechanics and UI, the icons that pop up telling you what buttons to press are basically identical, and the games might as well been fashioned in the same workshop.

Alongside that I didn’t really feel too much for the story, I could see a sort of plot line there but was still unsure what it actually was. The game is centered around the character you play as named David Russell, who is trying to get home in order to find his missing daughter, and it just so happened an alien army has dropped in along the way.

To be honest overall I’m not sure how far this game will go, and reckon the various reviewers out there will eat this one for breakfast, I’m sure this game might suit a lot of people but in my view it’s a basic carbon copy of a typical shooter with a Gears of War feel alongside the addition of gravity and a poor story.

Saying that it doesn’t mean yo shouldn’t a least give it a go, what I think doesn’t necessarily mean what everyone else thinks and if you’re an achievement hunter this would probably be a good game to boost your score with.

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