For some people Google Glass might be a little too geeky, or maybe even too expensive. If you are one of those people than you might be interested in a new IndieGoGo project called ION Glasses, which has been developed to show notifications from your smartphone in a more unobtrusive way.

Fitted with a multi-colour LED set, buzzer and a couple of buttons, the ION Glasses is basically a do it yourself kit that can be fitted into a number of frame templates and display your notifications right in front of your face.

Connecting via Bluetooth, the idea is to design something that is both fashionable and practical, as such ION can be fitted to anything from a pair or prescription glasses to a pair of sunglasses.

To get a good idea of the project, take a look at the video below, also make sure to head on over to their IndieGoGo page for a quick look, and maybe even to pledge for your own pair.

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