Back when Apple’s wireless AirPod earphones originally launched they were left without a pretty huge feature, the ability to skip tracks without getting out your smartphone or speaking to Siri.

With the iOS 11 software that was announced at WWDC today, AirPods will finally get this feature.

It will allow you to adjust the AirPods’ current double-tap action with some new control options, that will allow you to skip to the next track or go back to the previous track.

You will be able to change these settings through the AirPod’s Bluetooth settings screen, where Apple has added the ability to double tap an AirPod to go to the next track, previous track, or turn it off.

You can also set actions for individual AirPods, this allows you to set different actions depending on the individual AirPod that you double tap.

It will be launched alongside iOS 11 this Fall.

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