For a while now we have been hearing rumour after rumour of what the next iPad might include, today’s is probably the most revealing, as from looking at Apple’s iOS 5.1 Beta, 9to5mac uncovered some references that suggest a quad-core iPhone and iPad.

As of yet there isn’t much quad-core technology in mobile devices, apart from ASUS’s Transformer Prime, making it an obvious move for Apple to take, in previous operating systems the iPad models were referred to as core.o, with is the iPad with an A4 processor, and the core.1 which is the 2nd dual-core iPad 2 with an A5 processor, but in the updated OS it shows a new option, called core.3.

This does not entirely mean a brand new iPad 3 with a quad-core chip, but it is highly likely to be Apple’s next move within their iDevice range. Alongside this, we have also heard rumours that the device will include a better camera, (which is also pretty obvious, given Apple has just designed a new one for the iPhone 4S) alongside a Retina display.

What do you think? Is Apple working on a quad-core processor?

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