Fond users of the evasion jailbreak for iOS beware! Reportedly the iOS 6.1.3 beta 2 update brings new features from Apple that the program will cease to work after installing the update.

The news comes from one of the developers behind the software who pointed out that the update has patched one of the five bugs that the evasion jailbreak currently uses to work, the creator of the exploit, David Wang told Forbes that “If one of the vulnerabilities doesn’t work, evasi0n doesn’t work.”

“We could replace that part with a different vulnerability, but Apple will probably fix most if not all of the bugs we’ve used when 6.1.3 comes out.”

The jailbreak tweak is only three weeks old, but Wang hasn’t given up yet, mentioning to Forbes that he and his team have found other bugs in the iOS platform that would allow for a new jailbreak to be built, however this kind of thing has been going on for a long ass time now, with a constant fight between Apple and the jailbreakers each time they release a new update.

Via: Forbes

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