It may be a little late for some users, but on Friday it was revealed that the latest iOS 6.1 update has been causing some battery and overheating problems for users who have already updated.

The problem was reported on the Apple Support Forums, which was first noticed by The Next Web. The message reads, “I upgraded to iOS 6.1 a few hours ago and I must say that my iPhone 5 (previously running iOS 6.0.2) is getting insane battery life.  I have been using my iPhone for almost 45 minutes, standby for 2 hours and the iPhone is still at 100%.”

The update which launched worldwide on January 28th, brings new features such as further LTE coverage, the ability to purchase movie tickets over Siri and download individual songs with iTunes Match.

But has obviously brought some bugs alongside it.

After the problems where first noticed, the UK carrier Vodafone, sent text messages to all those who own and iPhone 4S, warning users not to upgrade.

“If you’ve not already downloaded iOS 6.1 for your iPhone 4S, please hold off for the next version while Apple fixes 3G performance issues.”

It’s not yet clear if Apple has begun to fix, or has even noticed the issues, however iOS 6.1.1 has already been launched to developers.

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