9to5mac has just caught wind that Siri will be able to sell you movie tickets in the new iOS 6.1 mobile OS, the news came from developers testing the beta of the system, who say that the feature will work on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch through a service named Fandango, a U.S based service presumably.

Apple has described the new feature in the Siri information menu with the following:

“When a user asks for movie tickets for a certain movie, the applicable showtimes and theater information will be shown. Then, a user can click the buy movie tickets button and they will be routed to finish their purchase via the Fandango app from the App Store. If the user does not have Fandango installed, Siri provides a button to download the Fandango app.”

The feature is only currently available to U.S. beta testers and will not be compatible with all theatres.

Check out the source link below for more information.

Source: 9to5mac

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