Apple have just announced that the long-awaited beta for iOS 6 will be available from later today, and will support iPhone 3GS and later alongside the 2nd and 3rd generation iPad and fourth generation iPod Touch. For anyone else who isn’t a developer Apple are going to make you wait till fall to gain access to the 200 new features in the mobile OS.

Within in which one of the first things we seen was Apples own Maps application as predicted, it will feature traffic view, 3D rendering, Yelp integration, business listing, turn by turn navigation and more, one of the biggest things is the Siri integration however, which allows Siri to show you a list of something nearby at your command.

Alongside that you will also be able to Facetime over cellular networks in iOS 6, but probably the biggest of all is the Facebook integration, which finally beings the social network to the OS.

Once a user has logged in within the settings, (much like Twitter) that user can directly share to Facebook within apps, as well as being able to share liked apps as well as Game Center updates.

Within the OS Apple have also added a new tap-to-post button in the Notification Center allowing you to quick share on Twitter and Facebook, there is also a new contract integration which will show Facebook events within your contacts, such as birthdays.

Alongside all of that Siri Has been added to the new iPad, and a lot more check back later for more info.

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