After watching the WWDC 2012 event a couple of days ago, your probably way to excited to get your hands on some of those new features, well I’m sorry to say that in order to you might have to upgrade your iDevice, as certain features will not be available on certain devices, the only device to actually get all of the upcoming features is the iPhone 4S.

And if by chance you still have the original iPhone, iPhone 3G or original iPad don’t expect to upgrade at all, as your device is not supported, check out the chart made by the folks over at EnGadget to see what features you’ll get upon upgrading.

iPhone 3GS iPod touch iPhone 4 iPhone 4S iPad 2 iPad (2012)
Chinese service integration X X X X X X
Facebook integration X X X X X X
FaceTime over 3G/4G X X
Flyover and turn-by-turn GPS X X X
Guided Access X X X X X X
Made for iPhone hearing aids X
New content stores X X X X X X
Offline Reading List ? X X X X
Passbook X X X X
Phone replies and reminders X X X
Safari tab syncing X X X X X X
Shared Photo Streams ? X X X X
Siri X X
VIP list, flagged/VIP mailboxes ? X X X X
Via [EnGadget]

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