It has only been a day or two since Apple release the latest version of their mobile OS, iOS 7.1, but according to a recent report by the guys over at Chitika, the adoption rate of Apple iOS 7.1 has already reached 6 percent, just 24 hours after the update was pushed to the public, stating on their blog that “iOS 7.1 users generated 5.9% of total North American iOS Web traffic”.

iOS 7.1 started out live as a beta a fair few months ago, and we have had the joy of using some of its new features since, but for some these might be a little more exciting, with one of the biggest features being support for Apple’s new Car Play technology.

Alongside Car Play the update also adds various minor updates, as well as a selection of new improvements and UI updates.

Rumours are also circulating that iOS 7.1 has brought some speed improvements to previous iPhone devices, including the iPhone 4.

You can grab the update for yourself today, just head on over to your settings screen on your iPhone, or manually update via a computer.

Source: Chitika

Via: MacRumors

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