Continuing with the news from Apple’s earnings call, Apple has today revealed that the adoption rate for iOS 7 is now at 80%, up from the 74% that was reported back in December.

iOS 7 was first released to the public in September last year, which makes this number more exceptional given that the adoption rate of Android is still quite high for versions of the OS that was released years ago.

Apple also revealed that iOS 6 is now running on 17 percent of all iOS devices, with few people still sticking to previous versions such as iOS 6 which has a 3% adoption rate.

In order to push the iOS 7 adoption even further, Apple also announced that developers must make sure their apps are optimised for iOS 7 by February 1st, any app that is not, be it an update or a new application will be rejected.

It will be interesting to see if this adoption rate continues to iOS 7.1 once it is released to the public.

Source: Apple

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