We didn’t realty know too much about Apple’s new iOS 7 system when they first announced it at WWDC, or even when they released to second beta for the software just a few days ago.

However now developers are starting to find some hidden features and improvements within the OS, we can start to find out what exactly Apple has added to the mobile OS>

One of the latest, and more interesting features to come to light, is a new control system that reportedly allows the user to control their iPad or iPhone, just by using various head movements and gestures.

According to Macgasm, who were the first to reveal the new feature, the function is similar to that which is included with the Galaxy S4’s gesture controls, allowing you to scroll content alongside performing other controls, just by using your eyes.

According to the site, on iOS 7 you can use a left or right head movement control things like the home button or even Siri, without touching the screen.

Check out the video below for a quick look:

Source: Macgasm, 9to5mac

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