Apple’s app stores have always been one of safety for developers, until recently when a Russian hacker discovered how he could bypass the in-app purchase system on iOS, to get his extra coins completely free.

Recently Apple has been trying to stop this exploit in its track and have so far got very close to doing so, but it seems the Alexey Borodin, the Russian hacker is one step ahead and has already updated his exploit to work on the Mac App Store.

As we said when the iOS hack came out, you should defiantly not use this hack. Paying for your in-app purchases will give you that better feeling of giving something back to the developers, and not forgetting to mention that it is a breach of Apples T&C

In fact you shouldn’t stop at Apple, pay for your damn movies already and turn of AdBlock once in a while it does help people giving you all this content, a lot of the time completely free, we all gotta make a living ya know.

As of yet we don’t know too much about Apples position yet, but we can guess it wouldn’t be one of joy, expect a fix pretty soon.

[via Forbes]

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