Remember those rumors that Apple will release a new iPad 3 alongside the iPhone 5 this September, according to Digitimes this isn’t going to happen, from which they believe that a lack of displays from LG and Samsung will mean that Apple cannot ship a new iPad 3 this year.

But the lack of screens may not be the only factor blocking the iPad 3’s production, the new A6 chip will not be ready until next year, this could also mean a late iPhone 5 as this device may also run on the new A6 chip, this would make a bit more sense as Apple has traditionally released their new tablets in a yearly succession.

And if DigiTimes are correct it would mean Apple will follow this same yearly pattern, but there is no way of telling if this rumor is true as DigiTimes have been wrong before, but as Apple new A6 processor is still in its demo stage, it is likely this rumor is true.

What do you think? Will the new iPad 3 be delayed? Do you think Apple would have released one this year anyway?

Drop us a line or two in the comments below.

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