If you have been playing with your new iPad all week, you may by now have noticed some pretty drastic overheating issues with your new device. Well, you’re not the only one as a turn of angry iPad users have taken to forum’s to speak out.

According to these posts, it isn’t just a problem of the device getting hotter, with a lot of posts reporting the device reaching extreme jumps in temperature, alongside this some other users have also stated that occasionally the device has shut itself down showing the message, “the iPad needs to cool down.”

This seems according to reports isolated to one corner of the tablet which could mean ha he larger battery and bigger processor are the culprits, but it could just be to a massive lack of cooling, at the moment we don’t know how huge the problem is, and if Apple is going to do anything about it, but we will be sure to let you know.

Have you had any problems? Let us know.

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