I’m sure the first thing you thought after Apple unveiled the new iPad Mini during their press conference today is how it stacks up with the other 7 and above inch tablets in market today, and if you should buy one when compared to those that have been available for quite some time now.

Which to be honest is completely up to you, we do like to show our opinions here on TechNutty, but sometimes you will be faced with the obstacle of making your own decision.

For this one I do have some advice however, if you are an Apple fanboy/girl and already own products such as the iPhone, iPad, Mac etc. The iPad Mini is defiantly the product for you as you should keep within your own ecosystem to make sure you can achieve full productivity, which goes the same for any other device.

However that isn’t to say you shouldn’t mix the devices you own, in fact I think if you already own an iPad and you’re looking to buy a younger brother maybe outsourcing would go well for you as you will get the chance to try out other operating systems, whilst still keeping the main one as something you love.

Anyway I’m rambling on, so if you’re unsure still check out the table below, where we have hosted a spec shootout.

[ws_table id=”8″]

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