The iPad Mini has long been rumored, with the most recent leaded to the mini tablets release on October 23rd, but know the pricing structure has now been leaked on the German site, MobileGeeks.

The price seems to be very competitive at €249 which is about £200 for the 8GB model, which is only about £40 more expensive than the Nexus 7.

Other models will of course cost more €349 (£280) for the 16GB model, €449 (£369) for the 32Gb and €549 (£441) for the 64GB, which is also extremely competitive and if true means the device will actully carry quite a lot of storage.

Alongside that,, according to the leak each model will also be available in a Wi-Fi and 3G model, at about €100 extra per model.

Check out the source link below for more information.

Via: TechRadar

Source: MobileGeeks

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