Today Apple hosted their iPhone event, which took place in the room where Steve Jobs first announced the original iPod, making it a very historic day with Tim Cook unveiling his first product as CEO, but obviously the main news is the newly announced iPhone 4S, which has been spinning around the rumor mill for a few months now, to be honest, I am glad its over.

The 4S is identical on the outside, with no differences that you can tell from pictures, the main change is inside the phone where Apple has added a brand new A5 processor the same as the iPad, which will make the 4S 2x faster than the 4, as well as this they have added a better battery allowing for 8 hours talk time, 6 hours web browsing, 10 hours of video and 30 hours of music on a single charge.

Apple has also changed the signal to “intelligently switch between two antennas to send and receive,”  which will allow for fewer signal drops and a better moving signal, but could end up like the iPhone 4 where you had no signal at all. As well as this Apple gave the phone ‘world phone’ status allowing it to be used on any network around the world.

probably the best feature they have upgraded is the camera, with the 4S getting it’s own 8 megapixel camera, with a 60% boost in resolution compared to the past iPhone 4, as well as this the camera also includes its own back-illuminated CMOS sensor allowing for better photos in low-light conditions, as well as this the 4s will take a picture a third quicker than the 4 and also has its own hybrid IR filter for better colour accuracy.

At the moment for the UK all we know is the 4S will be released on October the 14th, and will be available for pre-order on the 7th, no word on pricing or network availability just yet though, but in the US Apple announced the phone will be available in both black and white and will be priced according to the size of the device, the 16GB model will be $199 the 32GB will be $299, and  the 64GB will be $399.

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