The iPhone 5 has just gone up for pre-order, but which company should you be stuck with for up to 2 years, well you have defiantly came to the right place, as we are going to take you through all of the deals currently available in the UK, if you sign a contract with them.

Now probably the cheapest and easiest option is to go unlocked and SIM-free, which as you may know will set you back £529 for the 16GB, £599 for the 32GB and £699 for the 64GB, which are all available in both black and white, and come with no strings.

But sometime you need a contract to be able to afford it, or you just like the peace of mind, well here they are:


T-Mobile have set-up their pre-order page for the new iPhone 5, and they want you to sign up to the Full Monty tariff on a 24-month contract, that will get you unlimited texts, calls and data from £36 all the way up to £61 a month, (the price depends on how much you want to pay when signing up).

You can however get other packages for £21, £26 and £31 a month which grant you 50, 100 and 300 minutes respectively, alongside unlimited texts, and 750GBs of data, but you will have to pay £339, £349 or £179 respectively up front.

If you would prefer to get a contract for only 18 months, there are such tariffs ranging from £26 to £51 which will get you up to 1200 minutes, unlimited texts (apart from the £26 package) and 750GB of data.


Orange have set-up their “The Works” package for their iPhone 5 pre-orders, which will grant you between 1GB and unlimited data alongside unlimited calls and texts from £36 a month, alongside it if you chose the £36 or £41 pound a month deals they will also throw in free access to BT Openzone hotspots.

But if you want an 18 month contract you’re out of luck, and the only choice for a cheaper deal is a £20 deal with 100MB of data or the £25 with 250MBs of data.

However there is one huge plus to signing up to either T-Mobile or Orange, EE are allowing customers to sign-up and then migrate to their 4G network as soon as it’s launched, which means if you want to be one of the first with 4G in the UK, you want to go on this network.


Three are also offering up their usual deals, the first is The One Plan, which will grant you “all-you-can-eat-data”, 2,000 minutes and 5,000 tests, on which the 16GB  iPhone 5 will be £36 a month with £79 up front, the 32GB is £39 with £89 up front and the 64GB is £42 with £109 up front.

But that’s not all, their’s also an unlimited internet 500 plan, which as the name suggests, grants the user unlimited data and 500 minutes alongside 5,000 texts, the 16GB iPhone 5 on this deal is £34 a month with £79 up front, the 32Gb is £37 a month with £89 up front and the 64Gb is $40 a month with £109 up front.


Vodafone also have their deals in place, which come in £33, £37, £42 and £47 a month packages all of which bring 500MB, 1Gb, 2Gb and 3GB a month respectively, there are also unlimited calls and texts apart from with the £33 plan which only gives you 600 minutes of talk time.

To sweeten the deal, Vodaphone will also give you 2GBs of BT Openzone access and Vodaphone’s EuroTraveller package which cuts costs when in the EU.

There’s also some 12 month plans which range from £36, £41, £46 and £51 a month, all of which have 1GB of data aside from the £36 package which only comes with 500MB, they also have 300, 600, 900 and 1,200 minutes respectively.


O2 also have some deals that they have come up with some of their own packages, which are a little different to others, as their or no 12 or 18 month packages just a set of 24 all with the same perks, unlimited calls, texts and minutes from £26 a month to £46 a month, the only difference between packages is how much you pay up front, which could end up a lot cheaper for those who don’t mind paying a lot of money up front.

Let us know which contract you think is the best in the comments below.

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