We have had a lot of rumors about the iPhone 5 lately and it seems that the nearer we get to it releases the more companies are slipping up, with Vodaphone accidentally adding the iPhone 5 to their site a bit early, either that are or someone got a bit too excited.

If you check out Vodafone’s Sure Signal page you will notice they have listed something quite odd under the

iPhone 5 32GB White
iPhone 5 16GB White
iPhone 5 32GB Black
iPhone 5 16GB Black

Whilst this in no way confirms the device, it is certainly intriguing and shows us what Apple may release this year, and looks like there will be no 64GB device after all, but this could have been a simple mistake on the web teams behalf, or it could just be one fouling around, at the moment there is no way of knowing.


Vodaphone removed the iPhone 5 additions earlier, meaning it was certainly an accident of some sorts.

What do you think? How long do you think it will be till the iPhone is released?

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