So far we have seen a lot of alleged pictures of the next-gen iPhone, including a lot of parts for the headphone jack, earpiece and home button and sim tray. But what we havn’t seen is anything to do with the design of the next iPhone.

Until today that is as 9to5mac have just revealed images of what looks to be the back panel for the iPhone 5, the panels come in black and white but it seems they are made in a 2 tone design much like the 1st gen iPhone, with a metal middle and plastic on both the top and bottom.

It also seems that the new iPhone will come with a smaller dock connector, which may allow the iPhone to finally get some decent speakers, alongside which it also seems that the iPhone 5 will have a display measuring in at around 4 inches.


After 9to5mac leaked their images it seems that uBreakiFix wanted to show off there info to, with some images looking very similar to the ones above, the only difference is they show off a bit more information of what to expect from the new iPhone.

The first thing you may notice is that the headphone jack has been placed on the bottom of the device instead of the top, which does seem a bit odd as this is something that Apple has so far only done with iPods.

Alongside that the iPhone logo looks extremely fake, with a step away from Apple’s standard font, so it’s likely that these images have been faked, but we won’t know until a couple more weeks.

Let us know what you think in the comments below, and check out the images of the leaked back panels below:

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