Since it’s release the iPhone 4/4s has been widely respected for its design but does carry a few flaws which make the device incredibly fragile, so much so it should come with a warning not to drop the device, in the case of cracks. According to some recent patients, Apple is trying to fix this widespread issue, with a pretty weird idea.

As you might have guessed, Apple will be making the iPhone work a lot like a car with its very own air-ag but as you can expect it has a more technological name than that, which they called the Tunable Shock Mount, which will be placed to sit between the glass and body of the device.

After which during a drop the mount can detect an impact before it happens through the phones accelerometer, once it does the mount will then fill up with a liquid to help absorb the shock, thus saving many potentially broken iPhones.

But this of course isn’t enough for Apple, who reportedly are currently brainstorming a second method which will allow the phone to simply withdraw the cover glass from its housing thus protecting the glass on your phone. Alongside this there is also a third plan to strengthen the glass with certain chemicals, making the glass less prone to cracking but isn’t as fun.

What do you think? Which glass saving idea is the best?

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