Looking around the App Store this morning we did not expect to see an app quite like this, if you don’t know yet Display Recorder is a long time running Cydia app that allows the user to record their iPhone screen like CamStudio for the PC but this has always been a jailbreak app, until now as Apple have just accepted a brand new app which allows you to do the same as the Cydia version but without Jailbreaking.

There is also a couple of extra features that come with the acceptance allowing the developer to bring features such as recording audio from the iPhone’s microphone and merge it with the screen capture, alongside that you can also preview it instantly, export to your Photo library, Open in Other Apps and Upload to YouTube, which is very handy.

There is one problem with the app currently however, when recording outside the U.S. you may get a few problems, as I did but there is a way to fix this and the developer is waiting on the fixed update to be accepted by Apple.

As I am running iOS 6 I thought it would be unfair to do a video review, so I took some screenshots instead, overall I thought the app worked great, and find it extremely heartwarming that Apple has worked with finally worked with developers to bring some ground breaking apps to the App Store, unless this was an accident in with case it won’t be around much longer.

Oh and you can download your own version of the app here, and it’s also available on the iPad here.


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