You’re probably ready for an updated iPhone right, especially since the one that’s in you’re pocket is already about a year old, well how would you feel if you found out it was actually five years old from the day it was designed.

You have probably heard the saying from Steve Jobs claiming that the original iPhone was five years ahead of it’s time, well that actually seems to be true, as recent iPhone prototype design leaks have actually revealed every iPhone was actually designed 5 years ago.

The first iPhone which of course you all know as the Original iPhone is no surprise and actually doesn’t do anything for our 5 year claim as it was designed in 2006 and released in 2007, the weirdest thing is that the rest of the next generation iPhone’s where also designed around the same time as the original.

One thing to note between the Original iPhone design and the 3G design is that the Original prototype didn’t come with the new finished OS, but then suddenly appeared in the iPhone 3G prototypes design. As you can see the 3G and 3GS prototype design looks more or less the same as the one actually released,  yet this mock-up was drawn in 2006 not 2008 when the 3G was released, or 2009 when the 3GS was released.

Yet again here is another iPhone designed in 2006 but released much later, as you can see from the glass rear and front and the metallic edge that this is a prototype for the iPhone 4 and 4/s which as you should know the 4 was released in 2010 and the 4S was released a year later in 2011, which means the device you currently own was actually designed 5 years before it’s release.

Now this one you may recognize from the various rumors of the next-generation iPhone, with the two-tone back the iPod like design is a bit different however, which does through us of a little bit, again though it was designed over 5 years ago.

This is the last prototype on the list, but were not exactly sure what it is, were going to guess that it could be the iPhone 6 with a weird HTC like design, but like the rest it was designed 5 years ago, get the Steve Jobs claim yet?

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