Yesterday Apple released their latest 5.0.1 update for most of their iDevices, one for the reasons for which was the try to fix problems iPhone users are having with battery life after updating the iOS 5, already angry iPhone owners have taken to Apple’s support forums to complain about an even worse battery life after updating their devices.

A lot of users have sprung onto the forums stating that iPhone is even less able to hold a charge, one user writing “Before the 5.0.1 update I actually didn’t have any battery problems on my iPhone 4S… thanks to this update I now seem to have one too”, which seems that Apple’s update has actually made problems worse.

Alongside the battery fix, Apple also brought multi-touch gestures to the original iPad, whilst resolving a few bugs within the Documents in the Cloud, if you are having any problems with your iPhone’s battery life after updating to iOS 5.0.1 update? Or even any problems with any of your other iDevices.

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Via [BGR]

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