For once in a very long time we have an Apple rumor that has nothing to do with the iPhone 5 or iPad Mini, and instead what the iPod Touch might look like after the rumored September 12th release date.

The new iPod Touch leak comes from the Chinese manufacturer GizChina, who released the image for a iPod Touch case that looks to include a very different design to that of the current model, the case  appears to first include extra space for something such as an LED flash next to the camera, which is the elongated hole you can see at the top.

The weird part is that hole at the bottom, which has been seen on some versions of the leaked iPad Mini cases, and is believed to be a rear-mounted microphone, but as always were not too sure what to expect.

Personally I cannot wait to see what comes from this falls Apple event, and hope that they release some awesome products for us to use for years to come.

Via MacRumors

Source GizChina

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