The Amazon Echo and Echo dot are awesome products for any home, they allow you to control a range of things in your home from your lighting to your TV.

Today you will be able to do even more with the Amazon Alexa system that sits behind the Echo and other devices, and that is cleaning.

Neato has been offering their own Alexa-compatible cleaner for some time now, the Botvac Connected, and from today you will have one more option for voice-controlled cleaning, and that is with iRobot Roomba.

As of today, the Roomba robot vacuum cleaners will soon be controllable with your voice via the Alexa system, allowing you to trigger a cleaning cycle with your voice, simply say “Alexa, ask Roomba to start cleaning” and your personal carpet cleaning robot with kick off.

Aside from starting a cleaning cycle, you will only be able to pause or stop a cleaning cycle with your voice, however, that’s probably enough.

On top of this, Roomba will also be able to via a map of the areas that their robot has cleaned over the last 10 cycles, with will be available with an upcoming update to the iRobot HOME application on iOS and Android.

The new Alexa feature will only be available with the web-connected Roomba models, and sadly, it will only be available in the US when it releases in Q2 2017.

We hope that this will change soon, at which point we will update you.

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