Over the last few years, robotics have had a huge impact on our lives, and more recently they have taken on jobs that we have previously done, with robot-assisted workforces in various industries like agriculture, manufacturing and more, which allow companies to increase the amount that they can produce for the growing need of their products.

In a new series called Living With Robots, Financial Times explores the relationship between man and machine to help find out if robots are worth living with, and the impact of doing so. This series will be released during FT’s Robot Week (May 3-10), with a different aspect to focus on each time.

The latest of which is called My colleague, the robot, in which FT’s Murat Ahmed explores how robots have been expanded in the workplace, showing how far this technology has advanced, and just how it is helping companies to produce the amount that they need to to meet increasing consumer demand.

There are a few main questions that this video attempts to answer, including if humans are now competing against robots, if the job market is in danger or if we can just live with these robots in harmony.

Watch it below:

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