We weren’t sure if Apple would be announcing the next-generation iPhone at WWDC 2016, however, if this most recent leak is true, then we might see it sometime soon.

Posted on the Chinese social network Weibo, this most recent leak looks similar to a leaked render that was posted some time ago, and so it has some validity to recent leaks.

Looking at the image, the iPhone 7 will look similar to the iPhone 6, but with bumpers on the top and bottom of the smartphone, something which Nowhereelse claims to be the redesigned antennas.

However, the biggest thing we noticed was the camera lens, which looks to be much bigger than the current camera.

From the looks of the image, it has a multi-angle lens shield, which could hint at some huge camera changes from Apple.

That said, this could all just be a photoshop, we will know more at WWDC 16 on June 13th, or possibly shortly after that.

Via: Nowhereelse


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