Apple has this week updated their iTunes application to version 11.3, bringing with it a new feature called iTunes Extras.

iTunes Extras will work with all the HD movies that Apple has on the iTunes store, and will also work with those that the user has already purchased, allowing them to access new content for their movies right from the iTunes application.

This new content can include access to behind-the-scenes videos, short films, high-resolution image galleries, director’s commentary, scene selections and much more.

All of which will be accessible from the new iTunes application, an Apple Tv with the Software Update 6.2, and on a iPhone or iPad with iOS 8 when it launches this fall. Access to the features will also automatically be added to any HD movies that the user has once available, and will be available at no additional charge.

Users can update the iTunes application they have on their Mac by clicking the Apple menu and then running software update, alternatively they can also update the application through the Mac App Store, or download it directly from Apple’s website.

Apple TV users simply need to update their Apple TV to the latest software update.

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