Back in November iTunes Match was launched in the US, which until earlier this week the service was exclusive to this country, but the service has gone finally gone global launching across Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and the UK.

If your country is one of those supported after a quick update you will see a new “iTunes Match” link below the iTunes Store, if you want to you can then sign up and start syncing your music to the iCloud. If you do want to subscribe it will cost you a yearly fee of £21.99.

Before you can sign up though you must accept a new set of terms and conditions:

– New terms have been added that govern your use of iTunes Match, whereby you may pay a subscription fee to access certain content remotely, subject to existing association rules and usage rules, and explain that such content may be accessed on certain devices that are not subject to existing association rules, with limitations; and

– New terms have been added that explain that use of iTunes Match requires collection of certain information from your iTunes library which shall be associated with your Account.

What do you think? Have you signed up for the service yet?

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