Finally after launching in the US sometime ago, Apple has launches their iTunes Radio music streaming service in Australia, completely subscription-free, however it is only free with ads, or free without ads if you have subscribed to the iTunes Match service.

Similarly to Pandora, iTunes Radio uses Apple’s algorithms to play songs in a list, guessing what you want to listen to next, playing music from a particular list within a certain genre, playlist or artist.

There is one other option on top of that, playing from Apple’s own curated playlists which are picked by iTunes staff and guest editors instead of a computer, much like the Spotify featured playlists section, the list can include time-specific releases, or include the iTunes top-10s, moods and year lists.

The service also include iTunes First Play, which allows you to stream new release albums for free.

The ad-supported versions will also include certain limitations such as skips, as well as the obvious inclusion of ads.

iTunes Match can be subscribed too however, costing $34.99 in Australia, it also allow you to back up music to iCloud, as well as wirelessly sync music to all of your iOS devices, and finally an ad-free iTunes Radio.

There’s no news yet on when iTunes Radio might launch in the UK or anywhere else for that matter.

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