If you are a fan of the Lamborghini and you want to show that fandom then you might be interested in the latest Esavox Lamborghini speaker that was unveiled by Ixoost this week.

It has been built using an original Lamborghini exhaust and was designed by Ixoost over the course of two years to create an authentic speaker that combines the exhaust with a design that is based on single block cabinets that have been built with carbon and wood, showcasing the iconic Lamborghini hexagonal effects.

The central part of the speaker is the exhaust which has been built into a carbon Twill 245 3k monocoque chassis , with a “olymerised in autoclave at 6 bar, exhaust system with variable aperture to control pressure of the sub woofer, passive shock absorber system to dampen vibrations and tapered supports with variable height.”

Of course, because it is a custom-built Lamborghini speaker that has the Lamborghini branding, it isn’t going to be cheap, with the price tag set at a massive $21,000.

You can find out more about the speaker at the source link below.

Source: Ixoost

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