Jabra have announced the release of its latest line of headphones and earphones at CES 2013 including the Revo, Revo Wireless and Vox all of which Jabra claim to be extremely tough, made with an aluminium frame, steel hinges and shatterproof headphones.

Jabra’s senior vice-president, Anne Raaen Rasmussen said the following about the headphones, “Headphones are subjected to a lot of wear and tear, so consumers are demanding that they are designed to withstand the rigours of regular use.”

Alongside the design Jabra have also catered the headphones for a better overall sound with high-definition sound clarity, alongside which Jabra have also added Dolby Digital Plus technology and compatibility with the Jabra Sound App for Android and iPhone users.

The Jabra Revo are a set of on-ear corded headphones which features a mic that allows users to make calls and enjoy music at the same time, with an in-line controller added to the corded wire, the Jabra Revo will also cost £159.99.

However if you prefer your headphones without the cord you can pick up the Revo Wireless headphones which are essentially the same as the normal Revo headphones, which features a “turnable” touch control that allows you to receive calls and skip music tracks, the Jabra Revo Wireless headphones will cost £199.

Lastly there’s the Jabra Vox which is a set of in-ear earphones, also designed to be as durable as the Revo and includes reinforced cables with Dolby Digital Plus  technology, the Jabra Vox will set you back £79.99.

jabra vox earphones

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