If you are thinking about picking up a pair of Bluetooth headphones but already have an awesome pair of cans then you might be interested in a crowdfunding project called jack, which was created by a startup named Podo Labs.

The campaign originally launched on Kickstarter earlier this month where they raised a total of $804,268, well over their $20,000 goal. But despite them being successful on Kickstarter, you can still pre-order the device as they have also launched a campaign on Indiegogo, where people who missed out can back the project with from $49 for a pre-order of the Jack device.

Jack is a particularly interesting device because it is an extremely simple way of making your headphones wireless.

Plug in your headphones, connect your Bluetooth device to Jack and you are ready to listen to your tunes wirelessly, without having to compromise on a new set of Bluetooth headphones.

Jack can also be connected to other Jacks to connect several speakers or headphones to one device wirelessly.

Check it out and get a pre-order of Jack at the source link below.

Source: Indiegogo

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