Jaguar has this week introduced a new smartwatch app for the Android Wear OS.

Set to be released this summer, it will come with a number of functions to allow you to control your Jaguar made car from your wrist.

It will allow you to both lock and unlock your car, as well as check its location, the fuel levels and set the climate control without having to be near the vehicle, or inside of it.

Jaguar explains more:

The new Android Wear app introduces a suite of connected features, including the ability to activate climate control settings by remotely starting the engine, keeping you cool before setting off.

The new Android Wear watch app also allows customers to check their vehicle’s fuel level, monitor its location and remotely lock and unlock the doors to let a friend or family member access the vehicle when the owner isn’t close by.

The new Android Wear app should be released at some point later this summer, however, we don’t have an exact release date yet.

You can find out more about it at the source link.

Source Jaguar

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