Jawbone today announced the launch of the UP2, which is the successor to the UP24 activity tracker, featuring the same design that is included with the UP3, featuring a small form factor and a sleek and clean design.

Alongside this the UP2 is also 45% smaller than the UP24, retailing for $99, the tracker uses the UP app to allow users to track their fitness and use a number of fitness tools.

“With UP3 now shipping to pre-order customers, we are excited to announce UP2 as the stylish successor to UP24,” said Travis Bogard, vice president of product management and strategy at Jawbone. “And at just $99 we believe it is a best-in-class wearable appealing to the largest sector of the market.”

An added feature is a vibrating motor that can be used to wake up the user at the optimal point of their natural sleep cycle, or even remind then when they have been inactive for a certain amount of time.

It can also provide a rumble for custom reminders that can be set to remind you to go to bed, workout or take their daily pill.

The UP2 tracker by Jawbone will be available on April 15th in the US, it will be available in Black Diamond for $99.99. It will then be available internationally later this year.

Jawbone also announced the UP4 tracker, which is basically the UP3, but comes with a new partnership with MasterCard, allowing users to make payments with the band.

The UP4 will launch some time this summer and this model will retail for $199

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