Today The Washington Post (which is owned by Jeff Bezos) unveiled a draft proposal by Jeff Bezos to set up Blue Origin as the cargo delivery service to the moon.

The draft proposal has been presented to NASA and Trump’s administration, outlining a plan for Blue Origin to create a cargo spacecraft that will ferry supplies, experiments, and people to the Moon by July 2020.

This is an obvious progression for Amazon, helping the company to look into the future as the world makes their way into space.

However, Blue Origin doesn’t want to set up colonies on the moon and they wouldn’t be sending humans or tourists to the Earth’s satellite, rather the plan is to ship the goods that are necessary set up these colonies.

The proposal is seeking a resource commitment from NASA, with both their funding and their expertise, however, Bezos did say that he would invest his own funds alongside NASA if the proposal was approved.

The overall plan is to land a Blue Origin spacecraft at the Moon’s south pole, from here, there’s enough sunlight to power solar panels and there is also close proximity to water ice, making it a possible location for the first colony. The landed spacecraft would be carrying around 10,000 pounds of supplies and materials and is aimed to be usable alongside NASA’s launch craft, ULA’s Atlas V, or Blue Origin’s own New Glenn rocket, which they are still developing.

This comes as both NASA and other private space companies are working out there plans for the Moon and the rest of space, however, what those plans are have yet to be developed and so we are probably quite a way off from same-day delivery to a colony on the Moon.

As we hear more, we will update you.

In the meantime, you can read the proposal at the source link below.

Source: Amazon

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