Android TV devices have become very popular recently with the rise of Kodi and media center PCs are still similarly popular, but there is one problem with using these devices, actually using them can be difficult as they don’t have TV-focused interfaces a lot of the time (particularly with a PC) and they don’t come with a decent controller a lot of the time either, so you might need to pick up one for yourself.

And that is where this review comes in. Today we are going to take a look at the foldable Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad from Jelly Comb, which might be just the device that you need.

At its basis, the device is pretty simple with a tri-fold grey plastic design that measures just 12mm thick when folded up, making it perfect for hiding away when not in use or great for packing in a bag on the go.

The major downside is when it is unfolded.

Although it does fold out into a decently sized surface, there’s no locking mechanism and so it moves around a lot and there are no raisable feet which means it cannot be adjusted in use.

It is quite weighty, so it will sit mostly still when you are typing on the keyboard and there are a set of rubber feet on the bottom that stops it from rolling around on a surface. Sadly, typing on the keyboard can be difficult to get used to due to the downsized keys, that said, you probably won’t be using this for typing a lot of the time.
On the right-hand side of the keyboard, you will find the smooth trackpad, which is just as responsive as you would expect it to be, however, it’s probably not going to replace a proper mouse for you, but once again, you probably won’t be using it all that often.

You can tap on the keyboard to left click and two-finder tap on it to right click. It also works with up to four fingers to use the swipe functions of compatible devices.

A great feature of this keyboard is the inbuilt battery that can be recharged via a standard micro-USB port, and it comes alongside with fantastic Bluetooth connectivity that I had no problem with setting up, simply pair with the keyboard on your device and type the code that’s displayed on your device on the keyboard.

You can pick up the Jelly Comb portable Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad from Amazon today for £23.99.

Disclosure: Jelly Comb sent us a sample of this keyboard for the purpose of this review.

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