This week JLab Audio unveiled an alternative option to Apple’s AirPods. Called the JLab Audio Epic Air, it is a pair of earbuds that is completely wireless, meaning that there’s no wire connecting the two earbuds together, or any wire connecting to the device.

This is quite cool, as it means you are completely untethered.

The similarity to the AirPods doesn’t end there, they also added a charging case that can be used to top up the earbuds’ battery power by up to an extra 30 hours, which can be used to add onto their earbuds normal six hours of battery life.

But the earbuds do have some differences when compared too, featuring an earhook that doubles as a Bluetooth antenna.

The company says that this will also increase the strength of the earbuds’ connection to your Bluetooth compatible device.

It also features touch controls, allowing you to tap on the right earbud to skip forward or backward, or tap on the left earbud to play or pause your music playback.

The JLab Audio Epic Air earphones will be available in February for $149 in the US, you can pre-order them today from the source link below.

Source: JLab Audio

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