Everybody needs some kind of speakers to listen to tunes on, originally it might have been something like the Regency TR-1, or even the Fisher 500, but that has all changed with the introduction of the iPod and DAB-radio technology, speakers were never the same again.

Now the market is literally flooding with options to choose from, making it hard to make any kind of purchasing decision when looking for a new radio.

Despite this, were going to help you out, with one radio you budget shoppers might just enjoy. The John Lewis Apollo II DAB/ FM iPod Dock is a new stylish/ cheap radio dock from the retailer that will allow you to access hundreds of radios stations, at home or on the road, and when nothings available, there’s even an iPod dock on the top to playback some of your favorite playlists.


For a “balanced listening experience”, John Lewis have included dual speakers on the front of the radio, these sound amazingly good for the speakers price, and I found them to be pleasing clear with a full and deep sound.

Sound which can be powered either through the mains or with the use of batteries, allowing you to listen to your tunes anything, anywhere, and the Apollo II even includes an AUX in slot, meaning more or less any device you own will work with this dock.

There’s even a dual alarm function allowing you to set two separate alarms, which once played back can play your favorite station to wake you up in the morning.

Overall there’s not much more to say about the Apollo II than that to be honest, it only costs £40 from the John Lewis website and it works great and it looks even better. If you’re looking for a radio, this is probably one for the best options if you’re looking on a budget.

Disclosure: John Lewis did send us this product for review purposes.

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