For 14 years John MacFarlane has help the chief executive officer (CEO) position at Sonos, the company that helped to found.

After all of that time, MacFarlane today announced his resignation from the role which he has been planned for some time now due to a number of personal reasons, however, it was delayed due to the introduction of Amazon’s line of Echo speakers.

This is news that we last heard about in March when MacFarlane wrote a very different letter, stating that they would be laying off employees due to the Alexa system.

As a result of his resignation, MacFarlane will be passing the CEO role over to Patrick Spence, which MacFarlane revealed with the following:

Patrick’s leadership comes at a magical moment for Sonos. Music has made the transition to streaming. It took longer than we expected but it’s fully here now, leading with a handful of paid subscription services: Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Google Play Music, QQ Music, Amazon Music, SoundCloud, Tidal, etc. There will be many more options for music lovers as the music labels learn to make a start-up friendly ecosystem and the paid subscription services build platforms. Today, a Sonos owner can play almost everything ever made, and tomorrow we will certainly be able to do that with all manner of preferences, niches, themes, and mixes. Music is a wonderfully unique and developing thing, making our mission and brand promise the most motivational in the world. It’s never been a better time for connecting music lovers in their homes to music creators.

He also continued to talk about what he will be doing in the future.

Moving forward, I will remain as a Sonos employee, with a mission to help and advise. In addition to mentoring Sonos leaders, I will be focusing on two areas that I am most passionate about. First, I’ll help to center and potentially expand Sonos’ commitment to STEM education. Second, I’ll continue to work within the music and tech industries to help create a start-up friendly ecosystem.

It’s been a pleasure and honor working toward a mission of filling every home with music. The fifteen-year journey has been filled with fantastic adventures, hard learnings, and everything in between, and I look forward to our next chapter.

MacFarlane will also be resigning from his role on Sonos’ board of directors so as not to second-guess.

You can read his full resignation statement at the source link below.

Source: Sonos

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