The Joy Factory recently sent us their new Stormcruiser and Bubbleshield iPhone 4 and 4S cases for review and on first look these really do look great.

To start off were going to talk about the Bubbleshield, which actually fits a wide selection of smartphones, what it does is basically protect your phone from the outside world and by using a dual-zip enclosure it can keep your device safe from water, mud, sand or even cooking ingredients.

The case/bag has been made from a thick waterproof plastic, which is reusable and disposable, after a use all you do is wipe it down with a damp cloth and its good to go, if its got to bad to use, don’t worry the package you receive comes with 5 new ones.

Once the case is in the bag you can use your device for anything, as even though its water-resistant, it is also sound-permeable and photo-ready allowing you to watch the latest YouTube video or even shoot the adventure whilst your phone is in safety.

You can pick up your BubbleShield from The Joy Factory’s website for $19.95

But that’s not all as The Joy Factory also sent us over their Stormcruiser mount for the iPhone 4 and 4S, which allows you to mount your iPhone to a bicycle, motorcycle or even an ATV.

The case has been designed so it can attach to standard handlebars but it can also fix itself to a golf cart or even an umbrella, anything with a diameter of  1 1/8″ inches or less will work.

With the hard-shell case you also get a mount, which we can see just from a hands-on that it will have no trouble at keeping your device locked to your bike, which has been designed to stand strong even in the toughest riding conditions.

Alongside the mount there is of course the main case, which is designed to protect your iPhone from water, dirt, oil or pretty much anything else whilst your taking your bike for a ride, be it down the motorway or down the trail.

The great thing about it is that you don’t lose functionality for protection, as the StormCrusier still gives you access to all of your buttons and touch screen whilst the iPhone is safely tucked away, they have even covered up the earphone and charging sections with sealable ports, to give you complete access when you want them and none when you don’t, keeping your iPhone from getting the outside world inside the phone.

You can pick up your StormCruiser for $49.99 from The Joy Factory’s website.

Check out Neil’s First look and unboxing video below.

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