An interesting electric skateboard was launched on Indiegogo this week, called the Juiced Board it has been designed to take on the rest of the competition with similar fantastic features, but at a cheaper price tag.

Juiced doesn’t claim that this is the fastest, most powerful, highest range capability or the best tech-filled board, however,  they do claim that it is a pretty fantastic board for the price, with the aim of delivering “a fantastic ride, at an excellent price” according to Juiced.

They say that they have designed the Juiced Board to be as strong as possible with a maple/bamboo deck that has been designed with a high level of flex, alongside a number of components and parts that Juiced says will be easily replaced should you have to do that, and all with a weather resistant body.

To reduce the costs, Juiced remove any of the unnecessary features that you often find in electric skateboards, however, it does feature some pretty interesting specifications including a 20 mph running speed, 7-mile range, 45 minute charging time, and regenerative breaking technology.

Check out the video below for a quick look.

To find out more and to back the crowdfunding campaign if you are interested in an early-bird pre-order be sure to hit up the source link below.

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