Microsoft has today confirmed details for the upcoming June update for the Xbox One, with a ton of new features that include new TV and OneGuide features in Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy, instead of the current availability of just America.

Voice commands will now also control your HDMI connected set-top box and other AV equipment, and the new update will also include a Favourites and App Channels section.

One of the most important features will be support for external hard drives, which will allow users to connect up to two external drives viaUSB, and the storage will even be portable, allowing users to sign into a friend’s device and connect their drive to it.

Microsoft will also be allowing users to use real names instead of Gamertags, and the update will also add the ability to access a selection of apps with needing Gold access.

Last on the list, there’s also some SmartGlass enhancements, with a new OneGuide experience, universal remote control, as well as a few more final features.


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