One of the big questions that I sure a lot of Apple Watch buyers are asking is if they can shower with their new wearable gadget.

Well this article might be good news for you if you are wondering that, this is because the guys over at the Australian blog, FoneFox has today released a new video that puts the Apple Watch to a waterproof tests, checking if Apple’s claims to be IPX7 rated are true.

Thankfully, at least according to FoneFox, this claim is true and even goes further than the IPX7 rating, providing itself to withstand full shower with soap and even being submerged into a pool for as long as fifteen minutes.

During the test the did find that the screen was responsive whilst under the shower, however whilst in the pool that was not the same case, something which is due to the capacitive screen technology, however the digital crown will work whilst taking a dip/

All that said, it’s obviously not advisable to take your Apple Watch swimming regularly, which is the reason for the IPX7 rating.

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