Ubisoft today announced the new Just Dance 2015, which comes with a new updated track list with a selection of new artists to dance alongside with.

The game will also come with a new feature called community remix, that will put users dancing videos in the game, and allow others to watch those community videos whilst they dance to the same track, and even rate the users dance video.

They also revealed something called Just Dance Now, which allows users to play the game via their PC, Mac or their smartphone, the user can use their smartphone as a controller, the user simply connects the smartphone with an internet controlled device, with no limits to the amount of people who can join the game.

All the user has to do is simply dance with their smartphone connected to the phone, its pretty cool technology.

And the app will even be available for free, of course we expect that a lot of the playable songs will be available as in-app purchases.

Check out the new trailer that was released for the game below.

Via: IGN

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