It isn’t just the letter M that Marmite and Monopoly have in common, they are also things that one can only really love or hate.

We get both of these products out every now and again and instantly regret doing so, being overcome with the feelings of annoyance and general despair, but despite all that, we still love them.

And if you particularly love Monopoly then we may have some sad news for you, Hasbro is killing the thimble.

The casualty is a result of Hasbro’s Monopoly Token Madness vote, in which, they pitted the current eight player tokens against a few possible new ones that could be in the game soon.

The possible replacements.

Thimble’s death will make way for the launch of a new player token that could be anything from an emoji to a Tyrannosaurus Rex, yup a T-Rex.

But its departure will be a sad affair and we think a lot of people might miss the old thimble, as one of the first eight metal tokens to be introduced with Monopoly back in 1947, it is a player marker that many have grew up with, destroyed their Christmases with and dominated their families dreams with.


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